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Cash for GoldWelcome to where you get the best value for your gold, silver and other precious metals. If you've ever wondered whether that old gold ring or silver serving tray has any value then now's the time to find out. The precious metals market is booming with fantastic deals when you sell your gold jewelry, rare coins and silver serve ware for cash. Even items you think may have only sentimental value could actually be rich in gold, silver or platinum making it worth far more than you thought. At we give you the best and most honest price for your gold.

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We offer top dollar payouts based fixing rates for gold jewelry including bracelets, rings, watches, chains, pendants and even broken jewelry pieces. We also buy scrap gold including rods, plates and wires. We give you cash for your gold flatware including spoon, knife and fork sets, serve ware and trays. We also buy silver and platinum precious metals in all kinds of conditions. Show us what you got.

We are honest and fair with all our cash payouts for gold, silver and other precious metals as well as the calculations we use to determine our cash payouts. If you have a rare coin collection, old jewelry or scrap metals that have real gold, silver and platinum you may have a valuable commodity that is worth cash. Let asses your gold, silver and platinum and give you the chance to trade your gold for cash.

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